14 thoughts on “A few awkward words by yours truly…

  1. I wanna see your apartment and all ur cute stuff take us on a risas space tour !!!!! Cute blog babe ….welcome home xo


  2. Your tattoos inspired me to start my sleeve which led to me getting a few more tattoos. All of the art you’ve got going on is beautiful. I’d love to see a vlog about your most meaningful tattoos (provided it’s a story you don’t mind sharing). Or at least a vlog about your ink in general.

    Oh and I’m so stoked about seeing those beaches. I’m so jealous of your life both in Hawaii and on the mainland. Norcal and Hawaii are my 2 favorite places on earth.. so far.

    Keep up the blogging!


  3. I luv u really I don’t knw u hv a unique look in u r face I LUV U SO MUCH “just a regular girl” ummmmmmaaahhh…<3


  4. takeyourtopoff!! Kiddinggg
    If you could post some of the meals you make or workout routines that would be awesome! However you keep your beach body in shape year round (: also maybe a blog about your favorite places on the island from food to waterfalls so people that visit the island can check some awesome places out


  5. Will you make a blog about your views as far as going to school or making a big “career” go. I love that you take your life day by day.. It’s so refreshing.


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