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ORR Hot Springs

A few weeks ago two of my girlfriends, Simone, Hannah and I enjoyed Orr Hot Springs together. I’ve lived right next to the springs my entire life, and yet this was my very first time. Let me tell you, it was absolutely incredible!

We also had to reek some havoc as per usual, the communal carts were perfect for that… 

There’s multiple pools, so naturally we had to try them all…

We started our day in the hottest pool (about 107 degrees) and graduated to free standing private bathtubs that have been scattered among the hot pools, and are filled with warm water. Last but not least we enjoyed the sauna & the cold pool which was a bit off a shock, but felt amazing getting our sweat on in the sauna. 

The springs also has great little cabins if you plan on staying the night, and a communal kitchen fully set up with everything you need for meals. Hannah planned ahead like a boss, and brought us some delicious fresh smoked salmon, strawberries, kale and other various veggies and treated us to one of the best salads I have ever enjoyed!

All around Orr was a totally amazing experience, and hopefully now a new tradition with my girls. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend the trip!

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  1. Scotty King says

    That’s crazy! I have family in Ukiah and know right where that is. I’m up there as often as I can find an excuse to visit family.

    I am seriously jealous of your life.


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