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Dome Sweet Dome❤️

I am constantly being asked about my home in Northern California, so I decided to dedicate a post to just that…

Below is the first view you see as you when you arrive…my little home nestled in the redwoods.

My parents built this beauty by hand with the ever so generous help of their friends and family almost 30 years ago. Up until I was about 6 years old, the house was just the dome (a 3 story home with kitchen on the bottom level, a little living space on the second, and a large loft at the top). 

Eventually my folks decided we might need a little more space and hired a few neighbors to build an additional living space on to the side of the dome. That is what you see in the left hand side of the top photo. 

The inside of dome has the most amazing view out of these large windows. I often like to sit, and gaze out over the valley while drinking a hot cup of coffee. 

You can catch a glimpse of the loft in the upper part of the photo below.

One of my favorite parts of my home is the stove… This beauty in itself is a piece of art. (I was cooking an awesome curry-tofu stir fry when I took the photo below).

Outside the kitchen is the wrap around deck… 

The view from the deck is absolutely breath taking as well. Yet another perfect place to sit and enjoy a hot cup of joe in the morning, OR even better, some local red wine after dinner. 

The view of the dome from the deck is with out a doubt my favorite part of our wonderful home… The way the evening light reflects off the windows is incomparable. 

Last but not least, all the beautiful little details of our little wonderland that make it so incredibly special…

My moms wonderful garden, and lavender she’s strategically scattered around the property…

The view from the road as you drive to the house (a perfect morning walk)

And of course all the little bonus snacks…

Summer blackberries,

Lemon cucumbers (my fav!) 
Gigantic zuccinis,

And delicious mini nectarines and sweet plums, warm from the summer sun.

And of course my sweet fat baby, Pheonix (he loves me, he’s just mad that I left him!) 

I hope that you enjoyed this little tour, but please remember that I hold my home so incredibly close to my heart, be respectful and do not steal my photos, thank you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

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HI/CA. Daydreamer. Collector. Mermaid. Tea enthusiast. Lover of nature. Gypsy soul. Creator of things.

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  1. Sadie says

    What a cute lil home. I hope to have one just like it one day:) you’re awesome Risa


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