What do YOU want to see?

Hey guys! I’m lagging on posts because I seriously have no idea what to write! You guys are the reason that I am where I am, so I want to know… What do you want to see?! 

15 thoughts on “What do YOU want to see?

  1. Hi risa… we all know about your skinny tea your drink but what about types of food to make or other drinks that you do to help people stay fit. Just a thought;)


    1. Can you do a post about your religious beliefs. You look like you are very at peace and I enjoy reading what you have to say and seeing the amazing pictures you take. Thank you.


  2. Hello Starshine!
    I love that you have started a blog. I would love to hear more about your eating habits and working out. You look like a wonderful example of someone who loves and cherishes themselves and I am trying to design my own self love map of reality and love finding muses. 🙂 Blissfully, Amanda


  3. Talk about how your family have such a beautiful home in the red woods honestly like out of a fairytale. Also your relationships u have had over time with the men in your life how u feel about marriage ect ect. Whats Chad like? I dont know maybe to personal just ideas. Im interested to know how a man gets a woman like you i can tell that he adores this little girl and thats a great quality.


  4. Aloha Risa,
    Whatever happened to your tea write up?? Was looking forward to seeing what a fellow tea freak like my self had hiding in her cabinet😋 maybe something I’ve never tried but should! Also was curious about the flat tummy teas you have featured on your insta. I’m sure if you just try writing about what you love people will read it just let it flow girl your followers follow YOU so just brew some tea and write!! I follow you because I love your style, your easy on the eyes and your pictures of Maui (where I was born and raised) capture her beautifully. Thank you for that💖 if you ever make it over to Kauai one day and need a few pointers lemme know. She is my new home and she is full of adventure! Keep lifting up those positive vibes sister. Love n light


  5. Hey there sweet soul 🌻 I’ve been following your accounts on ig for a few years. So this transition into a blog will give your fans more of a personal connection which is awesomeee!
    I’ve never been one to say this, (sounds cheesy LOL) but even though I don’t know you personally, you are very much an inspiration. Living a lovely life it seems, filled with adventure and nature. Something I enjoy myself.
    Living in florida as a 22 year old female, I find myself struggling with finding time to pursue my passion and dreams while still making a living. It seems like you’re a true girl bad ass boss, and I was just seeing if you had any advice for people seeking Balance in life while chasing your dreams.
    With love -AMK


  6. You could do reviews on some of your favorite places to eat and shop on the Island. You could also do a piece on local culture and the local flora. I also enjoy just reading about your life because you’re in such a different place from me, such completely different decisions. Not better, not worse, just different. It’s fun to peek into people’s lives that have a completely different frame of reference. Good luck! Aloha!


  7. I love your blog and your insta accounts! I get so much inspiration!! The other day I was watching your snap story and you metioned your move to Hawaii and I was so interested in how you got the courage to go somewhere completely new and start a new journey! Could you possible talk about that more?? Thanks for all the inspiration and good vibes ❤


  8. you should talk about your move from California to Hawaii, what you do for fun, and maybe talk about your new home that you just moved into ?! haha idk just some thoughts!!!


  9. Hello! I would love to hear about how/when you decided to move to Maui and how you got started doing what your doing, how you sustain a living etc? How did you gain such a large following on social media initially and was it intentional or by accident? I’m a fellow adventurer and always trying to gather information about how other people are living out their dreams! I look forward to keeping up with your blog! ❤️


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