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Maxi skirts are my jam

Building your own style is so difficult, especially these days. Brands are constantly trying to sell me things, but just because it looks great on one specific model, doesn’t always mean it will be flattering on me. 

In the past, I have spent so much time trying to find inspiration via other bloggers. After years of getting to know myself, I’ve finally built a style that is all my own. 

People often ask me where how and why I choose to put the pieces together the way that I do, and the answer is… Comfort. Seriously. That’s my main motivation when I’m putting together an outfit. 

No-I don’t wear sweats and sports bras every day (everyone has their own option of comfort I suppose) but I adore anything that is as little maintainence as possible while still looking FAB. 

Which brings me to the point of this post… My favorite, staple outfit. Give me a maxi skirt and a crop top (or body suit) and I’m a happy camper! 

First up we have a beachy combo of two of my absolute favorite brands. This gorgeous wrap skirt is by Tysa Designs (I have this baby in at least 5 colors because it is so incredible and SO versatile) and crochet top is by Elegant crochets  (I’m a sucker for anything crochet). All of these crochet tops are handmade, and you can just feel the love she loops right in.

Second up we have an effortlessly beautiful every day outfit. This beautiful skirt is by an obvious favorite brand of mine: Spell & The Gypsy. Spell continues to blow me away with their STUNNING hand drawn prints, and lusciously soft fabrics. The crop top I’ve picked is by Free People, a brand which I will always love. 

TIP: I totally understand that not everyone lives in Hawaii, SO hunt down an amazing thrift store and get yourself a good vintage jacket to throw on over your favorite pieces. The beautiful rust goodness (AKA the jacket of my dreams) in the photo above is a little something that I picked up at Ooh La Loft.

My third outfit is a magical combo of a vintage maxi that I picked up at a thrift shop, and my favorite crochet top by Elegant Crochets. The cappuccino color of this baby just goes with everything in my closet so it’s an easy go to. As I’ve said before, I could wear a crochet crop top every single day if it was socially acceptable! 

The above outfit is a little bit sexy, which is what makes it so good. I’ve paired yet another vintage maxi skirt with a gorgeous off the shoulder top by Mary Grace Swim

And speaking of sexy… Here’s a sweet combo perfect for a night out. I’ve paired another gorgeous printed wrap skirt from Tysa Designs with a ultra sleek lace up body suit from Ooh La Loft. I love this body suit because it can be paired with just about anything to give your outfit a feisty vibe.

Last but most certainly not least… My favorite outfit of the day… Another gorgeous Spell & The Gypsy maxi paired with the perfect Dazey LA tee. This skirt is just pure bliss, with the flowy fabric and bright floral print, and this tee is the ideal basic because it’s super soft and fits just so. 

Jewelry details: all bangles and rings are by Mac Designs and large turquoise choker is from Bella & Chloe.

Ultimately-wear what makes you comfortable! The better you feel, the better you’ll look! 


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