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Jar-ingly delicious 

Alrighty kids! You’re constantly asking me about my diet, so I decided to do a quick post about my all time favorite meal. It’s so simple but I could seriously eat it for every single meal…

Layered jar lunches are THE BEST. Easy to make, delicious and great for meal prepping. 

My favorite is this baby right here…

I like to start me jar lunch with my favorite grain. I almost always choose quinoa but today I’m going with brown rice.  I also found this sprouted rice and quinoa blend at Costco, and I’m a huge fan of that as well! 

Next I layer on as much spinach as I can fit (usually about 3 handfuls). 

After that, I like to add a lean protein. Sometimes I’ll use tofu, but ground turkey is my absolute favorite. I just cook in a large pan with minimal spices, sometimes a little salt and pepper and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Last but not least, I love to add as many veggies as possible. Zuccini noodles are life, but unfortunately I’ve devoured all my zuccini so I don’t have any on hand today. So instead I’ll add some delicious fresh avo. Just take a gander at how yummy and creamy it looks!

And for the icing on the “cake” I like to top it all off with my favorite salad dressing of all time: Annie’s ShitakeSesame vinaigrette. I’ve been obsessed with this dressing for as long as I can remember. It’s also great as a marinade for chicken! Remember, when it comes to dressing, use sparingly because it really is a guilty pleasure. 

Well that’s about it! If you try out my silly little recipe, let me know how you like it! And if you change it up for the better, I would love to hear any variations you might have! ❤️

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