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Professional procrastinator 

Hey lovers

Unfortunately I haven’t kept this page as active as I originally planned… 

As always, I’m so interested to hear your opinions on what I should post! 

Please feel free to comment your thoughts, and I’ll get something up by the end of the week! 

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HI/CA. Daydreamer. Collector. Mermaid. Tea enthusiast. Lover of nature. Gypsy soul. Creator of things.


  1. morgan_elysee says

    I think a tattoo post would be cool or maybe a workout routine.. maybe a day in the life of Risa?


  2. Danika says

    Sorry to hear about your high school bf, that’s super shitty! I always thought you were one of the prettiest girls in our school, goes to show that even the people you consider to be perfect have just as bad of things happen to them as everyone else. I am amazed with how far you have come Risa, you seem to know what you want and how you want it. I would ask you how you came about to being that way, but I know you have always been a social butterfly with a great personality so I’m sure that helped out in living your life. Ive seen a few of your posts where your working out so my question on that would have to be what are your go to workouts in a week? On days that you drank the night before or indulged more than you should have. How are things going financially for you? Is the modeling on the side along with your full time job making it so you can put money in your savings account monthly? How much free time do you actually have for yourself? For me I have hardly any free time, I do work a full time job and I feel like I am barely above water. Are you taking advantage of being young to work as much as you can(without killing all the joy in life) so you can have enough money to live the way you want and save? Do the companies you model for give you free jewelry and clothes because you model for them? Do you model for free? What got you into modeling? I hope these aren’t weird questions or that I’m going on and on. Good luck on all your future endeavors! Your doing amazing.


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