1. Jay says

    I was kidding about what you had said in a previous video. Love the photography and lifestyle you have going on. Makes me get out and explore a little more on my off work time and appreciate the island. 🤙🏼


  2. Just wanted to say, you’re pretty much a symbolic part of most of the things I feel and wish to achieve. I did have some questions for you, or at least, one main question.
    Thanks so much for sharing your world and your mind with us. You are mentally beautiful to me!


  3. Kristina says

    How do you deal with stress ? Such as bills, credit card payments, making sure your bills are paid on time? That sort of thing. And maybe just daily life stress as well lol you’re a great inspiration. Much love.


    • It’s all a choice love! Just don’t procrastinate and get stuff done! We all have stressful stuff in our lives, it’s all about how we handle it!


  4. Adriana says

    Hey Risaaaaa hi!! I love your IG, your sense of humor&the flower pics 🙂 Today, bored because of the sudden storm that fucked up my saturday plans (living in Costa Rica, so totally understand your weather “problems”) I discovered your blog and I couldn’t agree more with you on what you say about people making excuses to not leave their comfort zone. We all can go for our dreams and do what we wanna do, you just need the balls to do it. Travelling, getting to know different ways of living and new people is so rewarding and mind opening! If you wanna go live in a bikini and drink coconuts all day, just pack your bags and do itttt (at least try it…). It worked for me, too!
    Anyways, keep the good vibes and that sarcasm flowing 😉

    Love&Peace&Lots of Flowerssssss


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