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A Day in the Life 

I want to keep my lovely followers in the loop, so I’ve decided to do more frequent posts on this page! This means that not every post will be perfect, but I’ve come to terms with that. You know what they say… practice makes perfect! 

So- onwards and upwards… 

I’ve had a lot of questions lately about what I like to do on a regular day, so I decided to deticate a post to just that.

I bartend nights, so I’m not a morning person at all. In all honesty, I would love to be, but with my current lifestyle, it’s a no go for now. This beautiful morning, I rolled out of bed at around 10:30 and started my day with a very simple and quick breakfast…

My favorite breakfasts lately seem to always include some sort of green, and a simple protein. When I’m feeling motivated, I’ll go for a tofu and veggie scramble but today I opted for plain scrambled eggs and spinach salad.

Not long after breakfast (or should I say brunch…) I packed my bags and Chad & I left for our little adventure. We decided to head out towards Hana because the weather was absolutely perfect and I wanted a little change of scenery.

My favorite part of my little escapades these days is the drive. It brings me a sort of peace of mind, and always gives me time to think and appreciate the beauty around me. 

(Rings pictured above are handmade by Mac Designs)

I always have to stop and smell the flowers along the way, makes it impossible for me to get anywhere in a timely fashion.

(Dress by Tiare Hawaii
I frequently stop by the old surfboard fence in Haiku because the tropical vibe it brings is unmatched.

(Skirt by Tysa Designs)

One of my all time favorite stops along the Road To Hana is the little rainbow eucalyptus grove tucked beside the road. The energy around these trees is just incredible, so I like to soak it up as often as possible.

Turns out my Segra Soul body suit matched the trees perfectly.

The road itself and the beautiful view never fails to take my breath away…
I have a few favorite waterfalls on this beautiful island, and our next stop was one of them. 

The water is just gorgeous, and pretty chilly as well, which was just perfect because today was a scortcher! 

(Bikini by OOH La Luxe

Coconut Glens was our next stop. There’s nothing like a cup of coconut ice cream on a hot day. They are great for so many reasons, but their assortment of over 40 flavors always brings me back in the hopes of trying something new. 

(Jewelry by Mac Designs

(Body suit by Solstice Intimates, kimono by Cleobella and shorts by One Teaspoon)

After a quick stop at Hana Ranch restaurant and store for burgers and beer, we made it to Koki beach just in time for sunset. 

(All photos of yours truely were taken by Chad McCord of Eye and I Photography) 

Another beautiful day for the books folks. After a long drive home, I’m now sitting in a hot bath, writing this little post for you guys to enjoy and critic. Feel free to ask me any questions, and as always, I would love to hear any and all suggestions for future posts! 

Don’t mind the outfit changes its part of the fun when you promote multiple companies! ❤

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HI/CA. Daydreamer. Collector. Mermaid. Tea enthusiast. Lover of nature. Gypsy soul. Creator of things.


  1. morgan_elysee says

    Would you every consider telling people how to get to these places? I’ve never been to Hawaii but it’s hard to imagine it without it covered in tourists and hotels. A lot of the beaches in your photos look empty. (:


    • Honestly- hawaii is so busy with visitors that it’s so nice to keep some of these special places pristine. I know it seems frustrating, but I don’t give out the locations to the places that I go; social media has ruined and blown up so many gorgeous places, and I don’t want to be a part of that. My best advice: anywhere that you go, just meet local people who live there, make connections, and then you’ll find beautiful places naturally!


  2. Derek says

    Your current living situation sounds awesome! I love seeing new pictures pop up on my feed from you it’s all so beautiful! And keep up these posts I’ll continue to read them!


  3. Jessica says

    Your life seems amazing! I would love to move to Maui in a year! Could you share information about finding a place to live and showing where you live in Maui?


  4. @Emdee96 says

    I am certain we all live vicariously through you, I look forward each day to your instagram videos, the places you visit are breathtaking. I had a chuckle at this post, was it 3 or 4 dress changes in one day ? #impressive

    Keep well.


  5. Thomas says

    I’ve left Instagram messages guess you don’t check those. Your a very lovely gal. Love that smile. Seem very quirky I mean that in a good way. Just wanted give ya a positive comment. Take care!

    Liked by 1 person

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