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Two posts in two days, I’m going for a personal record here!

Yet another topic that my lady followers are constantly asking me about….

My GO-TO hair care routine!

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First of all- I have to be completely honest and say… My hair is generally my LAST concern. Living in Hawaii,  it’s constantly humid as hell. There’s always a possibility that I might end up at the beach, so styling my hair seems like a waste of time. Not to mention, I personally cannot stand when girls go to the beach with full hair and make up… It always brings so many questions to mind…What is the point? Why wouldn’t you want to dunk your head under that amazing turquoise water and wash away your worries? Don’t you know what your hair will be full of sand when you leave so you’ll probably have to wash it anyways? Sand and dry shampoo don’t mix well, trust me, I’ve tried it!  But like they say, to each their own! 

Over the years my main concern has been to keep my hair as healthy as possible. It only took me 24 years, but I feel like I FINALLY have a handle on it. My hair is thick, wavy, and all around a pain in the ass, so its really put me through the ringer. When I was younger, my hair made my awkward stage EVEN more awkward because I had NO idea how to handle it. I would brush it before and after it dried (big no no for frizzy hair) and I was constantly wondering why my hair wouldn’t just naturally lay flat like the other girls. I finally realized that the best way to handle curly, wavy, frizzy hair like mine, is to brush it as little as possible… I know that might sound crazy to some of you, but trust me, its the only way! I generally go about a week at a time without brushing… if you’re using the right products, you shouldn’t have an issue with knots or dreads.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the way my hair looks when I actually take the time to curl or straighten it… but its just so time consuming!

For the past few years, I’ve just been braiding my hair before bed, and taking it out in the morning. I absolutely love it because it keeps my hair out of my face while I sleep, and it comes out the same every single time…no guessing games!




I’ve also found a few favorite products which are listed below.

Finding the right hair products can be such a hassle. Some salons scam you into buying the name brands, and they end up not being right for your hair. Ive spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying out different products but Herbal Essences Long Term relationship is my absolute favorite so far. Best part about it? It’s only $5 per bottle.


After I get out of the shower, and before I towel dry my hair, I throw in a little silk treatment. I’ve tried all kinds, but my all time favorite is Karastase Elixir Ultime for Damaged hair. The bottle is a little worse for wear because I’ve had it forever (you don’t need to use much- just a few drops). This light oil tames the frizz and gives your hair a little extra shine, which is why I absolutely love it.

FullSizeRender copy

Another favorite is this generic brand silk oil that I found at Sally beauty for under $10. I use it sparingly just like the last brand, but its a lot more bang for your buck!


My ABSOLUTE favorite product is kind of a no brainer. Good old Coconut oil. I use it for cooking, on my hair, and on my skin. I have a jar in almost every room of the house because its just THAT good. I like to use it as a hair mask every now and then, but be careful when you use it on your ends… A little goes a LONG way!



Hopefully this little tutorial was helpful! As soon as I finished writing this post, I realized that not everyone can French their own hair, so that might throw a little wrench in the works… whoops!

Like always, I love hearing your feedback, so comment alway!  

(Outfit in photos is an exclusive collaboration between Solstice Intimates and I)❤

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  1. Brenna Hope says

    My hair is the exact same way and I’d love to not brush it so much but I hate how my hair just falls out all day if I don’t brush it… any advice on that?


    • I just never brush my hair, honestly. I maybe brush it once every 2 weeks if that… it helps with every hair problem I’ve had!


  2. Arona Ale says

    Love it Risa. Very inspiring. May the we’ll be fruitful for you in you adventure. You Brave Shadow you.


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