Augmentation Station

One question that I’m CONSTANTLY being asked is…. are my breasts real, and if not, where did I get them done.

People are generally very apologetic when they ask- but it’s nothing to be sorry about.

No, I was not born with these breasts. I have had plastic surgery, and because of that- I feel even more comfortable in my own skin. I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that I’ve had surgery, I’m happy with my body, and there’s no shame in my game!!

It’s very important that you don’t misunderstand me… I absolutely do NOT think that plastic surgery is right for everyone. I also believe in everything in moderation.

When I was thinking about going under the knife, I received SO much negative feedback. My friends and family, and even followers, told me to absolutely not go through with surgery. All of these opinions almost swayed my decision, but eventually I realized that this is ENTIRELY my decision. No one else’s opinion matters when it comes to my body.

I’ve wanted to get my breasts done almost as long as I could remember. It was always kind of a dream because I couldn’t imagine being able to afford them. When I was 23, I was bartending and making great money so I decided to bite the bullet. I researched for months and months. Living on Maui, I didn’t have many options on island so I decided to branch out to California.

I have a good friend who had just gotten hers done and they looked absolutely incredible so I decided to follow up with her doctor and see if she was right for me as well.

Dr Lori Saltz at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery was everything I hoped she would be. Her nurses were amazing; I talked with them via email for about 6 months before I actually flew over for the procedure.

I decided to go with 385 CCs (which I discussed with my doctor- it’s important to choose a size that works for YOUR body) which is a large C, or a small D. I’m 5’8″ and 140 pounds, so this size worked well with my frame. I chose textured silicone implants, with incisions under each breast because that also was doctor recommended. The final cost was about $8,000.

Healing was a little difficult, but I was surprised at how quickly I was able to recover and get back to work.

I do have to say that it absolutely changed my aesthetic- while I used to be able to not wear a bra and it wasn’t quite so jarring, now I do seem to get quite a bit more attention. That absolutely can be looked at as both positive and negative.

Regardless- I don’t regret any part of my decision. It was the right decision for me. However once again I feel the need to repeat- surgery is not right for everyone. Small boobies are amazing! All boobs are amazing! Celebrate your body! Do what you feel you need to do to be comfortable in your skin!

Last but not least, if you decide to visit Dr. Saltz, make sure you mention that I referred you!



All photos taken by Milan + Shannon

2 thoughts on “Augmentation Station

  1. Its a amazing to know that there’s a person like you. You combine your magnificent natural site with a little urban one….
    Your place in the woods your grounded lifestyle and your modern spirit is something that should be in more of us….
    big kisses and a big hug from the mountains of Austria…


  2. Do you still suffer from Anxiety and depression? I’ve always had GAD and now really deep depression since my younger brother was murdered 2 years ago this Aug. And we still haven’t seen justice.


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