“What do you even do for a living lol”

I’ve been waking up feeling so motivated and so grateful recently. Why? Because I believe that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

As some of you know- between Christmas and New Years I was fired from my job at Vista Del Mar (a busy bar in Old Town Eureka)- which believe me- was such a blessing in disguise because I was NOT happy working nights full time at a bar. I’ve been there and done that (for about 9 years now) and my body and soul just wasn’t having it. I was getting sick once every 2 weeks and I was all around miserable. Afterwards- I was a little confused and worried about what path I was going to choose because I just knew that above all else I needed a break from bartending.

All I knew is that I was tired of working for other people so I wanted to develop my own business and work FOR MYSELF. I started brainstorming my options and I decided to dive head first into something that I’ve been well on the road to mastering for some time now- social media. Why not make a career out of something I was already doing?! (and for free for just about every place I’ve ever worked…) I decided to reach out to some small companies that I knew needed help in that area and I’m so proud to announce that I already have THREE CLIENTS! (And I’m open to taking on more if you know of anyone who has a small bizz or company and needs help in that area). It may not seem like much, but for me it is. I’m managing these businesses social media channels entirely, creating content, taking photos, the whole shebang. You guys it’s fucking happening! I feel like I could cry from happiness. 

I am ALSO still trying to balance influencing/promoting as well. So like i said before, if you have or know of a business or company thats looking to be promoted, feel free to show them my Instagram, and have them DM or email me! I’m open to it all at this point. Until it gets to be to much (or dare I say… maybe I need to hire help) I can’t wait to see what the universe throws at me.

The best part about it- I can work remotely. I get to travel as part of my job that I just CREATED FOR MYSELF and I can focus on what’s most important to me right now- my health, and spending time with my family.

So you understand that when someone passive agressively messages me, or comments on one of my photos, something like “what do you even do for a living lol” or “you must just have rich parents and an inheritance” or even “what is it that you do that allows you to travel and have my dream life?”. I’ve worked my ASS OFF to get where I am. Things have not just been handed to me. I built my Instagram profiles from the ground up, I have NEVER paid for followers or anything similar. Regardless of whether or not Ive been working full time at a bar, Ive stretched myself thin trying to keep up a social media presence so that I don’t lose followers, or engagement. That in itself has been a battle with Instagram changing so much but thats neither here nor there. 

So- I’m not looking for a pat on the back or a cookie- I’ve just been getting a lot of questions and back handed comments about what I’m doing with my life so BAM THERE IT IS!!! Its going to be a long, hard road but I’m doin the damn thing.

And above all- I want to thank my friends who have been there for me through all this, believing in me and encouraging me EVERY DAMN STEP OF THE WAY- I fucking love each and every one of you and I’m so incredibly lucky to have you in my life and by my side ❤️

6 thoughts on ““What do you even do for a living lol”

    1. My username? Reesuhh? My name is Risa- reesuhh is how it’s pronounced 🥰 generally when people see “risa” they pronounce my name rise-uh or something else equally silly ❤️


  1. Your amazing keep following your dreams, I think you have found something that fit you perfectly. I follow your snap and Instagram I wish I can travel and see the cool places you get to see all the time.


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  2. Thank you for sharing your experience!! I’ve heard the phrase ‘the path of joy leads to your purpose’ and it feels like your doing that. I think it’s really cool that it feels like all together your positive mindset, your gratitude, and your trust in the universe to have your back are creating the present and future you want to have. It’s really inspiring to hear your journey and I feel more confident to move forward in my unique path too. Thank you for sharing!

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